New software deployments on construction projects always have challenges during the roll-out phase due to the addition of new technologies and changing work procedures at the project sites. However, with an energized Super User, these challenges can be easily managed, making the software implementation and adoption process a huge success.

Why Do Construction Software Implementations Fail?

Irrespective of the size of the construction project, the expected software functionality must be clearly defined to the group of users who will be using the software on a daily basis. Otherwise users may have unrealistic expectations or not understand the capabilities of the construction software solution.  This causes unneeded frustration for the field users, and can lead them to feeling the system does not work or is broken. Super Users help to bridge the gap between user expectations and the actual software implementation by providing the field users with the communication and support they need to gracefully change their work procedures.

What Is A Super User?

Super Users play a vital role in any system implementation as they become the communication channel between the field users and the IT or business organization leading the software implementation. The Super User is the “go-to” person in the organization when it comes to questions surrounding the software functionality itself or the business processes and workflows associated with the use of the software. The Super User is able to immediately respond to questions that users otherwise would have to wait for the software vendor or the IT department to respond to.

Super Users perform the following functions:

  • Initial troubleshooting for any issues that arise from day-to-day users
  • Supporting the smooth operation of the business processes
  • Training new employees on the software and business process
  • Coordinating support requests and systems upgrades with the software vendor
  • Implementing business process changes

What Makes A Good Super User?

A Super User does not need to be a computer guru, but instead must understand the business process and how the specific software is used. The Super User must be willing to champion the technology across the user base and clearly communicate the expected advantages or benefits the users can see by bringing software technology onto their construction project.

A good Super User should:

  • Understand the software and its functions
  • Understand the users’ business processes
  • Work with the software implementation team from the beginning
  • Be a good communicator and trainer
  • Provide feedback to the construction software vendor

How Many Super Users Do You Need?

The number of Super Users you will need depends on the number of users in your organization. The following should be considered when selecting Super Users:

  • How many users will be using the software on the project?
  • Will the Super User be an internal or external position?
  • Will a new position be created for the Super User?
  • Will a current employee be expected to function as the Super User on top of their current workload?

A dedicated Super User, with limited other responsibilities, can generally handle anywhere from 50-100 users on a full-time basis. However, it may also make sense to have a Super User, with other responsibilities within the business, to work with only 10-20 users within their team.


In conclusion, the role of a Super User in a construction software implementation is paramount to the overall success and adoption of the software into the day-to-day operations of your company. To successfully implement a Super User on your project, we recommend the following:

  • Clear definition of the Super User role, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Selecting the appropriate candidate(s) to be the Super User(s)
  • Nominating the correct number of Super Users
  • Proper training and support for the Super User
  • Provide incentives for Super Users to be engaged in their role

With new software and processes, there will be issues that arise as the team adjusts to the changes. With the right Super User staying on top of the changes and working with the field users, your construction software implementation will be a company success.  Contact Intelliwave today to learn more about Super User tips to make your SiteSense implementation a seamless experience.