SiteSense® Track and Trace

Track. Progress. Automate.

Know the exact location and progress status of your project’s critical materials and equipment.

Reduces Labour Costs

Find materials in the field 10X faster than manual methods thereby saving time and labor costs. No more delays for construction teams waiting for materials or tools and equipment with SiteSense® Track and Trace.

Reduces Construction Project Delays

Plan construction sequence based on what is actually available and on-hand to complete installation work packages using accurate real-time inventory information.

Improves Decision Making

SiteSense® enables the stakeholders to track and progress the project’s critical materials, tools, and equipment consequently providing all the necessary information needed to make accurate and timely decisions.


Superior Results

See how SiteSense® Track and Trace helps with enhancing visibility and improving accountability for the whole team.


Times Faster To Find Materials, Tools and Equipment with SiteSense


Companies are using Jobsite sensors to give them a strategic advantage*
* JB Knowledge 2020 Construction Technology Report

Functions That Transform

Location Tracking

Know the exact current location of items that have geo-coded GPS locations as well as where tracked items have been previously, anywhere in the world.

Automate location updates

Add third-party RFID, Bluetooth, and other IoT tracking technologies to automate location updates and status updates as items move in and out of sites and geo-zone fenced areas.

Progress Monitoring

Scan the material or package barcode and update the status of the item. Progress individual items or construction packages.


Use SiteSense® Maps to look at locations of tracked items. Enhance the map tiles for your project site by integrating drone or satellite imagery.

Event Triggers

Set up triggers to automatically update progress steps based on user-definable logic such as entering a zone or scanning an item inside of a zone with SiteSense® software.

Print Barcodes

Print item or package barcodes right from SiteSense one at a time or in bulk to portable and desktop printers.

Easily attach files

Easily attach photos or field inspection documents to your materials, tools, equipment, consumables, and assets for easy item identification and verification.

Field and Office Access

Use SiteSense® web and mobile applications throughout the workday from any location to fully take advantage of the functionality provided for both management and craft labor.

Powerful Search

SiteSense® software offers thorough and easy ways to search for materials, tools, equipment, and workforce data – all in one click.


Not sure if Track & Trace or Materials & Inventory Management is a better fit for your project? Check out this eBook for help.