SiteSense® Integrations

Easily configure, import, and export data with plug-n-play adapters from Intelliwave.

Configure. Import. Export.

Saves Time

SiteSense spreadsheet and flat-file integrations allow users to directly copy project material data into the import template tool to be up and running in a matter of minutes. When SiteSense APIs or integration adapters are used then no time is spent by users at all to import data.

Minimizes User Entry Errors

Manually entering data can be error-prone. Using SiteSense import template tools or automated integration adapters can minimize or eliminate user error by automatically importing directly from the data source.

Maintains Data Integrity

Data is the driving force behind the accuracy and worker productivity on a construction project. Ensuring that all materials and assets are accurately loaded into the system will keep your project on schedule and budget.


Available Automated Integrations


Upcoming Automated Integrations

Functions That Transform

Step-by-Step Configuration

SiteSense ERP Integration adapters can be configured in just a few steps.

Web Forms

Users can import and export data into SiteSense using the web direct excel integration tool. Custom templates can be created to import data in any format.

Secure Data

SiteSense data transfers are protected by secure credentials and industry-standard encryption.

Integration Adapters

Keep data up-to-date and synchronized between SiteSense and third-party systems using direct plug-n-play adapters.

Developers API

Standard internet requests can be used to import and export data to any third-party custom application.

Automated Data Loading

Using SiteSense integration adapters can take the headache away from having to manually load data. Never worry about data loading again!


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