SiteSense® Materials and Equipment Planning

Forecast. Schedule. Execute

Increase worker productivity and stay on schedule.

Increases Productivity

Align planning and execution activities throughout the construction project life cycle from project start until client turnover.

Improves Communication

Using SiteSense® software on a project site not only allows better communication between teams but also allows you to make faster decisions that will help keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Increases Material and Equipment Utilization

Pre-arrange materials and equipment based on detailed work package schedules and real-time material and equipment availability.


Significant Results

See how SiteSense® Materials and Equipment Planning software provides customers with accurate data to make better decisions and stay on schedule.


Investment in technology in the construction industry has doubled in the past 10 years*


of rework in construction is caused by poor project data and miscommunication**

*McKinsey and Company  ** Autodesk Construction Cloud

Functions That Transform

Materials Forecasting

SiteSense® dashboards display material availability and estimated delivery dates to allow construction planners real-time material pipeline analysis.

Enhanced Expedited Visibility

SiteSense® software provides an inside look into the material inventory pipeline allowing expediting teams to ensure critical path construction resources arrive on time.

Real-time Scheduling

SiteSense® scheduling tool gives construction teams the ability to efficiently plan critical construction activities using up to the minute data.

Dynamic Material Allocation

Allocate materials to Installation work packages based on real-time material availability and delivery schedules to guarantee the material is available for scheduled construction activities.

Work Package Progressing

Track progress on installation work packages through automated or manual methods using SiteSense® progressing tools.

Better Installation Scheduling

Construction teams can view installation work package requirements weeks in advance to confirm material delivery and prepare for installation with confidence.


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