SiteSense® Tools, Assets, and Equipment Management

Easily locate, manage, and maintain construction tools, assets, equipment, and consumables.

Manage all assets on one platform.

Saves Time

Stop wasting time trying to locate and allocate tools and equipment to projects and workers. Easily locate, manage and maintain construction tools, equipment, and assets with SiteSense.

Maximize Equipment Utilization

Dashboards display equipment utilization and movement reports to make sure pieces of equipment that are no longer in use can be eliminated to reduce project costs and congestion.

Tools, Assets, and Equipment Project Reporting

SiteSense® allows corporate and project users to know which tools, assets, and equipment are assigned to projects for easy accounting of tool costs.


Proven Results

See how SiteSense® Tools, Assets, and Equipment software helps customers track which tools are at each project site for full visibility of owned and rented assets. 


Reduces Tool replacement costs


Reduces administration costs


increases field productivity

Functions That Transform

Quickly Identify Tools

Accurately and quickly identify tools and equipment by using barcodes or RFID in conjunction with SiteSense® software.

Log Usage

Users can enter engine run-time hours or time used right in the field for each construction asset to help track utilization and maintenance intervals.

One Platform for Tracking All Project Resources

Track a project’s core resources such as construction materials, tools, and equipment, all in one system, reducing the need for multiple software platforms.

Check out Tools

Assign and check out tools to projects or workers to know what’s in use and left in stock.

Set Inspection Schedules

SiteSense® software allows users to create detailed inspection tasks and schedules. Schedules are automatically created for upcoming inspection tasks.

Track Completed Maintenance Tasks

For tools and equipment that require regular maintenance tasks, SiteSense® can track what maintenance was completed, by which worker, date, and location.

Web and Mobile

User-friendly software allows both office staff and field workers to access SiteSense® in a convenient way.

Reports and Analytics

Easily generate reports on tools and equipment utilization, performance, maintenance, and status.

Date and Time Stamped Activity Logs

SiteSense® logs and maintains every interaction with a date and time stamp capturing the full history and audit trail of all the touchpoints and resources involved.