EDMONTON, October  12, 2023 — Intelliwave Technologies, a global leader in providing digital solutions for construction materials management and tracking is proud to announce a strategic partnership with CMiC, a leading provider of next generation construction ERP .

Intelliwave Technologies was formed in 2007 to provide new solutions in the construction industry to help increase “Time on Tools” for craft labor and improve site safety. The result was the creation of a revolutionary web and mobile-based software solution in one encompassing brand, SiteSense.

This advanced integration between SiteSense and CMiC allows construction professionals to process goods receipts in the field using the SiteSense Web and Mobile applications providing mobility to the digital delivery verification process.

Through this strategic partnership with CMiC, the SiteSense integration adds valuable insights and functionality to create a connected ecosystem for our mutual customers allowing for:

  • Reduction of administration costs by 10%
  • Craft labor productivity improvement by up to 16%
  • Reduction in material bulk purchases by up to 40%

“The CMiC team has given us invaluable help to our team build out a fully integrated solution with SiteSense that completes the digitization of construction accounting procedures for material receiving, payments, and material issuance,” stated Dale Beard, CEO of Intelliwave. “I’m excited to work with CMiC users and provide them with accurate real-time data from SiteSense that will ultimately allow project teams to make better-informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle.”

The integration includes three major benefits for SiteSense and CMiC customers, keeping their field and office workflows connected in a single ecosystem:

  • Project and Item Master Creation: Seamlessly connect projects from CMiC to SiteSense, individual project integration touchpoints can be configured globally or individually. Item Master records from CMiC syncs to SiteSense to populate Part Number records.
  • Verify Purchase Order deliveries: Completed Purchase Orders and Revisions sync to SiteSense as Purchase Orders. Field users can process digital receiving reports for materials from a mobile device, setting material status and location while verifying actual received quantities against the Purchase Order. Completed material receipts sync to CMiC as Registered Invoices, allowing office users to close the loop for vendor payment.
  • Manage defects and deficiencies: Field users can process digital receiving reports in the field while logging defects and deficiencies for unacceptable, overage, shortage, and damaged quantities against the Purchase Order, allowing for quicker resolution with vendors and material suppliers. Resolved deficiencies from SiteSense, sync to CMiC as Registered Invoices.

Future enhancements for SiteSense integration with CMiC products will include touchpoints with the Equipment & Inventory Management module.

“Through this new partnership, procurement teams will be able to accelerate the digital delivery verification process, therefore, complete the vendor payment process in a timely manner,” said Derek Fuller, Director of Product, Integrations at CMiC. “This business benefit will not only help our customers optimize payment processes, but also help them improve relationships with their vendors.  At the end of the day, this is a win-win to all parties.”

View the Intelliwave listing on the page that outlines the touchpoints between SiteSense and the . View the full news release on the Intelliwave Website and the SiteSense <> CMiC Cloud Financials Integration Page for more information.

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Intelliwave Technologies provides the world’s most comprehensive materials management digital solution for construction projects. SiteSense Cloud and Mobile Software enables construction crews to make more informed decisions with accurate real-time information on material status and availability.

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