SiteSense® Materials and Inventory Management

The right materials. At the right time. At the right place.

Cloud-based web and mobile construction SaaS solution that digitizes your supply chain and materials management.

“SiteSense has been a user-friendly platform for transactional inventory work and material tracking. SiteSense supplemented our existing inventory systems with real-time capabilities, improved process efficiency and allows network-wide visibility to stakeholders, whether they operate at the work front or remotely.”

Todd Meyerding

Get Control of Project Materials and Inventory

Order and receive shipments of materials, select storage warehouse location, and pick materials from SiteSense® software to draw down materials inventory based on what is available in real-time.

Accessible from Anywhere, At Any Time, On Any Device

SiteSense® can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time, and on any device (Android/IOS) both online and offline.

Provides Unprecedented Visibility of Materials

Tracking the quantities and location of materials creates visibility for contractors and owners to identify early signs of construction material deficiencies that might affect project budgets and schedules.


Industry Measured Results

See how SiteSense® Materials and Inventory Management helps customers keep track of the materials throughout their project lifecycle more efficiently.


Reduces Material Bulk Supplies


Improves Cash Flow Savings


Improves Craft Labor Productivity
* CII Best Practices Guide: Improving Project Performance

Functions That Transform

Digital Orders and Receipts

Create purchase orders for vendors and track deliveries. Receive shipments at the warehouse or project site to approve vendor payments.

Picking and Kitting

Makes it easy to pick and issue materials for warehouse crews and get them to work front in a timely manner.

Preservation Tasks and Maintenance Activities

Assign preservation tasks to resources and schedule maintenance activities, fill out checklists, reports, attach photos, and perform inspection tasks on the field with the SiteSense® app installed on any mobile device.

Vendor Portal Capability

SiteSense® allows vendors and suppliers to upload packing lists, modify shipments and attach photos/barcodes/RFIDs to materials to help keep your projects informed in real-time of when materials will arrive at your warehouse or site.

Store and Transfer Materials

Digitally store materials in off-site warehouses or at the project site. Transfer unused materials within a project or between projects. Audit inventory levels.

Cable Schedule Tracking

Track cable runs from specific reels and drums to know if there’s enough cable to complete the project.

View Advanced Reporting Analytics

SiteSense® provides both automatic and custom reporting analytics to easily visualize data and information needed to track project delays, track progress, and material flow throughout the supply chain.

Time Stamped activity logs

SiteSense® logs and maintains every interaction with the date and time stamps and thus captures the full history and audit trail of all the touchpoints and resources involved.

Field Material Requests

The digital foreman can request materials needed at the work front to start and complete their construction work packages.

Third-Party Integrations

SiteSense® enables seamless integrations with existing third-party systems and processes.

Field and Office Access functionality

Use SiteSense® web and mobile applications throughout the work day from any location to fully take advantage of the functionality provided for both management and craft labor.

Background sync

Offline mode capabilities allow users to work without an internet connection. When the mobile device re-establishes the network connection SiteSense® automatically syncs information to the server without any user interaction.


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