Cloud computing is the practice of using remote servers hosted on the internet to process data. Instead of running software applications on company owned computers and servers, cloud computing replaces that physical hardware to massive datacenters located around the world. Intelliwave Technologies has fully embraced cloud hosting technologies and would like to share why construction (and the rest of the world) is shifting to software services in the cloud.



Cloud computing is much more reliable than in-house or on-premise IT infrastructure. Cloud based Service Level Agreements can guarantee 24/7/365 usage and up to 99.99% availability. The risk of downtime due to hardware failures is greatly reduced since cloud services provide a quick failover mechanism for applications and services.

Cloud hosting platforms can also be optimized for specific regions. On-premise systems are great when they are accessed locally, but cloud systems can provide just as fast access from anywhere in the world. This means applications work just as well from your laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices, where ever you are located (in the office, at the project site, in a hotel, etc.).


Cloud security at Intelliwave is the highest priority. Our cloud services meet the requirements for even the most extreme security-sensitive organizations, large or small.

By default, all Intelliwave cloud systems have safeguards in place to protect and control data. The ability to configure security in a cloud-based system is easily accomplished with consistency across all types of systems. Security standards are set very high in order to meet global compliance requirements.  The latest security updates are automatically applied saving time and hassle.

Cloud platforms also have standard monitoring and vulnerability reporting tools built in. It’s now possible to quickly report the security and health of an entire system without intimate knowledge of the whole system.


Cloud computing is far more cost effective for small and large applications compared to what it cost in the past. Companies no longer have to purchase equipment or spend significant money on facilities, utilities and operations.

Cost are relative to consumption and use. Customers who require more bandwidth and computational power get that power when they need it.  When services are not being used consumption is lower and the cost of services is also lower. As a result, Software-as-a-Service price points are much lower than competing products.



It is easy to see how the all the advantages of cloud computing are gaining traction in the construction industry.  The decreased costs, reduced downtime, increased availability and ease of implementation is why the construction is moving quickly into cloud-based applications.

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