EDMONTON, November 11, 2022 — Intelliwave Technologies is proud to announce the latest software release, 10.2.3 of our SiteSense® Web Application.


Material Management:

  • Multiple attachments can now be uploaded to a single preservation task.
  • When searching for items to add to a delivery, users can now search by sensors, the search field now clears automatically after a successful match.
  • Custom fields can be configured to display when creating a Delivery reference document.

  • Material resources of resource type Aggregate now have a quick receive option on a Purchase Order/Shipment to quickly create a receipt and attach necessary truck information and pictures to validate the delivery.

  • Users can now initiate a formal Field Inspection of material at time of receipt, to ensure that any anomalies are identified and captured prior to taking care and custody of the material. Through integration, SiteSense allows users to flag which material requires attention, and will identify the particular type of interaction required with a red flag. This is especially useful for:
    • Engineering Inspections
    • Positive Material Identification
    • Initial Preservation and Maintenance Requirements

Equipment Management:

  • Activity entry is now displayed when clearing the status of a tool, asset, or equipment resource.

Site Administration:

Preservation and Maintenance:

  • Configuration added for project admins to create and edit initial and recurring tasks with configurable intervals.
    • Create initial (performed once per resource) or recurring (performed on a set interval per resource).
    • Templates can be assigned to multiple projects.

  • New Site Type property “Locked” added, when enabled resources stored in this location can only be moved using a third-party application or integration with SiteSense. Users will be unable to use SiteSense transactions on items stored in this location.

General Usage:

  • Support added for compatible BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags to report relative humidity and temperature data from observations collected through the SiteSense Mobile Application.
    • Requires minimum version 10.3.12 of the SiteSense app and supported BLE tags.
    • Users can set both temperature and relative humidity ranges for a particular resource and not only will SiteSense report back and display the latest readings for these categories, but also indicate via colour code if the latest readings fall within the accepted thresholds.

  • Resource properties’ edit and delete options now default to hidden and can be activated.

  • Users can now search for members of a List/Kit or Package:

  • Users can now add all members of a List/Kit from the search page to the Active List.

  • When importing data with the review option selected, the results are now displayed on the main import page.


About Intelliwave Technologies

Intelliwave Technologies provides the world’s most comprehensive materials management digital solution for construction projects. SiteSense Cloud and Mobile Software enables construction crews to make more informed decisions with accurate real-time information on material status and availability.

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