EDMONTON, June 9, 2020 — Intelliwave Technologies, a global leader in providing digital solutions for inventory control and material tracking, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software.

Intelliwave Technologies formed in 2007 to provide new solutions in the construction industry to help increase “Time on Tools” for craft labor and improve site safety. The result was the creation of a revolutionary web and mobile-based software solution in one encompassing brand, SiteSense®.

This advanced integration between SiteSense and Procore allows construction professionals to automate the dispersion and collection of critical information needed to make informed decisions on their construction projects in a timely fashion.

Through this partnership, the SiteSense integration adds valuable information to the Procore Daily Logs tool for material deliveries along with advanced material tracking capabilities to view available inventory in relation to Drawings to help determine material availability. Construction equipment can be regularly maintained with Productivity Log entries added in Procore from SiteSense field or sensor updates.

“The Procore team has shown a tremendous commitment to the construction community providing guidance and leadership to further the digitization of construction work procedures along with their continual drive to push out leading edge solutions,” stated Dale Beard, CEO of Intelliwave. “We look forward to providing Procore users with accurate real-time data from SiteSense that will ultimately allow project teams to make better informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle.”

“SiteSense brings a powerful integration to the Procore platform for contractors needing to manage materials and equipment in a sophisticated way. ” stated Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager at Procore. “The Intelliwave team offers deep knowledge in construction operations that we are excited to bring to the rest of Procore’s ecosystem.”

View our listing in the Procore Marketplace outlining the Integration between SiteSense® and Procore.

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Intelliwave Technologies provides end-to-end management and tracking solutions for construction projects in materials, inventory and equipment management. Intelliwave’s flagship award-winning product line, SiteSense®, utilizes handheld devices and cloud technology to provide construction workers more time on tools and less time waiting for materials.  With its Web-based software and mobile applications, SiteSense is easily accessible by users in the field and the office that ultimately helps to improve schedule predictability and reduce project costs. SiteSense is a registered trademark of Intelliwave Technologies Inc.  To learn more visit www.intelliwavetechnologies.com or on, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SiteSense® is a registered trademark of Intelliwave Technologies Inc.
Procore® is a registered trademark of Procore Technologies, Inc.