2014 Connected World Magazine Connected World Awards and ConnectED Award winners deliver a stunning range of solutions connecting all aspects of personal and professional life

Chicago, IL Feb. 14, 2014: Monitoring healthcare, homes, cars, retail, and mobile devices are just a few of the innovative new technologies that won awards at this year’s Connected World Awards Gala. The awards are being presented to the winning companies and individuals as part of the Connected World Conference held within the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

“The 2014 award winners honored tonight are a combination of large and small companies representing a range of industries and applications. These winners came from areas of energy and healthcare, as well as building automation and retail. Solutions were implemented for GPS, car sharing, and even concrete-management systems,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “This is a testament to the growth of the vertical markets and acceptance of the technology within those various segments.”

The Connected World Awards honor the companies that have successfully leveraged M2M in order to solve a critical pain point within their business, all with quantifiable results.

Particular emphasis is given to the process of combining multiple technologies, such as device, connectivity, hardware, radio modules, network service and provisioning, as well as application software and infrastructure, to create a winning solution; this is often referred to as the value chain. The Connected World Awards also recognize the key pieces of the technology ecosystem that helped them develop their award-winning solution. These companies were honored as technology enablers. This year’s winners include companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to SMBs.

The 2014 Connected World Award winner in Construction

Gold: JV Driver Projects Inc.

Intelliwave Technologies Inc.


The Connected World ConnectED Awards honor individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who have applied innovation and vision to successfully develop unique and successful connected devices. Individuals are evaluated on their initial vision for bringing product to market, the ways in which they successfully overcame market challenges, and the overall motivation for developing this device.

The winners of the 2014 ConnectED Award are:

Ed Hemphill and Travis McCollum, WigWag

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