EDMONTON, December 7, 2021 — Intelliwave Technologies, a global leader in providing digital solutions for construction materials management and tracking is proud to announce a strategic partnership with InEight, a leading provider of construction project management software.

Intelliwave Technologies was formed in 2007 to provide new solutions in the construction industry to help increase “Time on Tools” for craft labor and improve site safety. The result was the creation of a revolutionary web and mobile-based software solution in one encompassing brand, SiteSense.

This advanced integration between SiteSense and InEight allows construction professionals real-time access to materials management and workface planning data from SiteSense combined with work plans and constraint management data from the InEight Plan module to make more informed decisions about upcoming scheduled activities and constraint analysis.

Through this strategic partnership with InEight, the SiteSense integration adds valuable insights and functionality to create a connected ecosystem for our mutual customers allowing for

  • Reduction of administration costs by 10%
  • Craft labor productivity improvement by up to 16%
  • Reduction in material bulk purchases by up to 40%

“Working closely with the InEight team and their open project management platform, we were able to provide a deep integration between SiteSense and InEight to fully digitize planning and execution for our shared construction customers,” stated Dale Beard, CEO of Intelliwave. “We look forward to providing InEight users with accurate real-time materials management and asset data from SiteSense that will ultimately allow project teams to make better-informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle.”

The integration includes two major benefits for SiteSense and InEight customers, keeping their field and office workflows connected in a single ecosystem:

  • Connect Engineering to Procurement and Inventory: Work Plan material components from Construction Work Packages (CWPs) and Installation Work Packages (IWPs) in the InEight Plan module sync to SiteSense to create a Material Needs Document. SiteSense Users can forecast material component availability and anaylze upcoming constraints by comparing scheduled installation dates against current inventory availability and procurement activities in SiteSense. Connecting these data sets together allows users to proactively solve constraints through procurement, expediting and vendor communication activities.
  • Work Packaging Constraint Analysis: InEight Plan users can view available inventory quantities from a Work Plan by navigating to the Workspace tab to see the available quantity populated by SiteSense data. Inventory transactions in SiteSense such as Receiving Reports, Issue Tickets and Stock Adjustments update the available quantity to assist in updating the available quantity to identify color coded constraints to assist with planning activities. InEight Plan users can also view detailed inventory information through a direct hyperlink to the work plan component in SiteSense.

“With our open, integrated and secure construction management platform, InEight is enabling leading partners to create integrations that accelerate the digital transformation of capital construction projects,” said Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight. “The integration between InEight and SiteSense solves a massive challenge for companies looking to digitalize work planning and procurement processes, ensuring easy access to materials requirements and availability data.”

View the Intelliwave publisher listing on the InEight Partner Integration page that outlines the touchpoints between SiteSense and the InEight Field Execution Management Planning module. View the full news release on the Intelliwave Website and the SiteSense <> InEight Integration Page for more information.

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Read the full press release here.

About Intelliwave Technologies

Intelliwave Technologies provides the world’s most comprehensive materials management digital solution for construction projects. SiteSense Cloud and Mobile Software enables construction crews to make more informed decisions with accurate real-time information on material status and availability.

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About InEight

InEight provides field-tested project management software for the owners, contractors, engineers and architects who are building the world around us. Over 400,000 users and more than 850 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle. From pre-planning to design, from estimating to scheduling, and from field execution to turnover, InEight has powered more than $400 billion in projects globally across infrastructure, public sector, energy and power, oil, gas and chemical, mining, and commercial. For more information, follow InEight on LinkedIn or visit InEight.com.