As with any major crisis, the dust will eventually settle, and physical work will continue. When work does finally continue, there is undoubtedly a period taken to re-assess all work, its current state, and then re-prioritize based on the information gathered. Thankfully, using a tool like SiteSense®, planning doesn’t have to be put on hold until the project opens back up. As new information becomes available, planners can quickly and easily update and manage all scheduled work activities.  And, knowing that all the material, equipment status and location data is accurate, enables teams to hit the ground running when the project starts back up.
We’ve listed a few of the top reasons how a Cloud-based platform like SiteSense® can help during these uncertain times:

    1. A single source of truth – centralized data

    Having a centralized, single source of truth is critical to the success of any project. During a period of crisis, the criticality of this is amplified. An environment where all personnel can work from the same data, mitigates the need for parties to make assumptions and ensures everyone operates with the most up to date information. A supplemental benefit, there is only one source of data to update. The timeliness and efficiency gain by reducing the number of communication points, without reducing overall communication or its effectiveness, can’t be properly emphasized.

    2. Remote access – cloud environment

    A major obstacle in a time of crisis or disaster, is that access to the jobsite is at best, very limited. In the past, without physical access to workstations or work fronts, work doesn’t progress. The construction industry however, has come a long way in recent years, and this is no longer the case. Thanks to tools like SiteSense®, which are hosted in the cloud, workers can access the tools and information needed, remotely. This allows for critical functions such as workface planning, scheduling, expediting and inventory maintenance to all be carried out.

    An added benefit of this type of access during a time of crisis, is that, since staff can continue to work remotely, the project site can further limit the number of employees required to be physically present. In a situation such as the current, unprecedented global pandemic, the ability to mitigate the number of people required to be at site can be lifesaving.

    3. Eliminate handling of paper – Digitization promotes social distancing efforts

    Of major concern during the current pandemic, is how to safely return to operation given all the new protocols in place to keep staff safe. SiteSense® provides the capability for sites to go paperless, mitigating the amount of person to person contact required to complete daily tasks. All workers with access to smart devices, have full access to their entire work portfolio. Tasks can be accessed and progressed in real time, in the field, eliminating the need for paper transactions to physically transfer hands multiple times, thus reducing the chance to spread the virus.

    4. Business as per usual when project goes back into execution
    With all the above features, by utilizing SiteSense®, projects are able to operate business as usual when returning to execution. By taking advantage of the centralized data platform, cloud hosted environment and a suite of functionality, staff remain effective and productive while working remotely. The one thing that can’t be bought is time, so to have a system that minimizes the potential time impact of a crisis, is invaluable.

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