Tracking progress on a construction project can be challenging to coordinate in a timely manner, at the best of times. With constant changes in priorities, schedules, workforce teams, material and equipment availability, it becomes very difficult to know the actual status of a construction project. Implementing SiteSense® makes it easier to close the gap in construction progress reporting areas including fabrication, transfers, receiving, issuing, quality control and workface planning.

By streamlining otherwise manual processes, construction planners and coordinators become more efficient. For example, interfacing with structural steel or pipe spool fabricators, construction teams have better visibility of the fabrication process and material status information. The picture below shows a set of Intelliwave’s SiteSense® progress tracks identifying a typical pipe spool fabrication process. As the material begins this process, the fabricator can use SiteSense® on a mobile device to assign an active RFID tag or barcode to the piece of material. Deploying SiteSense® RFID infrastructure at each step in the process, automates the status updates for the process giving real-time information to construction planners and schedulers regarding material status even before the material arrives at site.


As the fabricator completes the production process and the material becomes ready to ship, it is marked in SiteSense® as ‘shipped’ to let the construction teams know the items have left the fabrication facility. This automated process provides real-time insight into available inventory stock levels and locations within SiteSense®, resulting in more “Time on Tools” for the work crews.


Field supervision and quality control teams can take the guesswork out of monitoring tasks by progressing various work steps as they happen in the field. This creates the ability to report on real-time progress updates to ensure construction management teams are informed when work package installations are underway and then completed. The improved visibility allows construction managers to more effectively plan upcoming work packages and schedule work crews to the new packages.


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