Many of the early digitization efforts in the construction industry have been focused around apps for the field with less emphasis around the tracking of materials and equipment coming from various vendors. In order to plan the work based on actual material availability, the contractors need accurate, real-time data, else productivity in the field will take a hit and schedules can slip.  Contractors can be better prepared by adding digital solutions to allow for their vendors in the updating of material status and shipping information, prior to arrival at the jobsites or offsite warehousing locations.  Knowing material will be late can be half the battle.

When to Onboard Vendors

Vendor onboarding should be discussed early during the project implementation and planning sessions allowing project teams to be aligned on the method of delivery, communication and training protocols. Here is a sample list of discussion items that will help successfully onboard vendors to further the goal of end-to-end digitization of project material delivery status:

  • Purchase Order language for the vendors including
    • Required standardized project barcodes for identification at site
    • Requirements for updating shipment dates
    • Submission of documents
  • Required fields for import of vendor data into SiteSense® to allow for accurate reporting by the project team
  • Alignment of Part Number mapping from engineering to procurement to vendor
  • Tagging strategy to identify types of barcodes and/or sensors for unique items and bulks
  • Training and barcode printing requirements for vendors

How to Onboard Vendors

Onboarding vendors can be challenging unless a simple repeatable process has been put in place to ensure success. The keys to success for onboarding vendors are as follows:

  • Identification of key personnel for each vendor requiring system access
  • Defined system functionality requirements for each vendor
  • Initial account creation and completion of self-guided training modules to begin the use of the system
  • Pre-defined part number mapping to ensure there is a consistent relationship between the parts to be shipped and the vendor’s Purchase Order line items

How does the SiteSense® Vendor Portal Fit In?

Using the SiteSense® Vendor Portal, contractors and material purchasers can provide access to specific material parts required be provided by each vendor, in an easy to use platform to complete the following tasks:

  • Complete self-guided training tutorials on using the SiteSense® Vendor Portal
  • Importing detailed Shipment and Part Information
  • Update Shipment Status information (In-Transit, On-Hold, etc.)
  • Print Barcode Labels and optionally assign RFID Tags or Sensors
  • Upload Photos, Packing Slips, Certifications and Shipping Documentation
  • Create Container, Crate, Trailer, or Package Information to group material items for easier identification

Jobsite Benefits to Vendor Onboarding

Onboarding Vendors can have a dramatic effect on the success of a project, such as:

  • Save time and reduce entry errors by eliminating double and triple data entry – Shipment and part data are more up-to-date when updated directly in the SiteSense® Vendor Portal versus communication in e-mail, phone, text or paper notes.
  • Reduced crew wait times – When estimated delivery dates are updated proactively in the SiteSense® Vendor Portal, the project team can easily adjust workforce and equipment requirements based on incoming deliveries.
  • Plan more effectively with improved material status data – Expeditors, planners and schedulers can work together as a team allowing them to make more informed decisions for material forecasting based on more frequent updates provided by the vendor.
  • Reduced receiving times at site – Applying barcode labels and sensors at the vendor location saves the project time and labor cost during the receiving process.

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