EDMONTON, October 21, 2021 — Intelliwave Technologies, known for providing software solutions for the construction industry, received a 2020/2021 Bechtel Annual Supply Chain Award. Intelliwave Technologies is excited to continue to work with Bechtel to help realize Bechtel’s goal to transform the world for the better.

“The partnerships we have with our subcontractors and suppliers are fundamental in delivering projects to our customers,” said Tarek Amine, Bechtel’s Manager, Procurement & Contracts. “Collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers enhances our ability to align to our customers’ goals, achieve their objectives, and deliver a lasting positive impact in the communities where we live and work.”

“The Bechtel Digital Supply Chain team has shown a tremendous commitment to the ongoing advancement of digitizing construction work procedures along with their continual drive to embrace leading-edge solutions,” stated Dale Beard, CEO of Intelliwave. “We look forward to continuing to provide Bechtel projects with accurate real-time materials management data from SiteSense to support project execution.”

Bechtel has been utilizing Intelliwave Technologies’ SiteSense Materials Management and Tracking Software since 2016 on several projects.

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About Intelliwave Technologies

Intelliwave Technologies provides the world’s most comprehensive materials management digital solution for construction projects. SiteSense Cloud and Mobile Software enables construction crews to make more informed decisions with accurate real-time information on material status and availability.

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