A challenge for many mining sites around the world is monitoring the performance of their fleet of Rock Trucks and Shovels. It is very difficult to figure out how many times each rock truck gets loaded, and exactly when, where, and by which shovel the load came from. Keeping track of these load activities manually using a paper-based process is a very time-consuming process, and rarely accurate. To solve this problem, Intelliwave Technologies adapted our proprietary RFID locating technology and patented ROVER (Remote Operating Visibility Enabled Reader) to provide a completely automated method of load tracking and reporting.

The ROVER unit is a ruggedized RFID reader mounted to the roof of a vehicle or piece of equipment. Within about a minute of the operator turning the ignition of the vehicle into the ON position, the device will start to autonomously read active RFID tags. Using GPS and Cellular connectivity, the unit transmits RFID tag readings with GPS coordinates along with a date and timestamp for the observations collected. Users then attach active RFID tags to each of the rock trucks at the mine site. Intelliwave’s implementation tracks every time a rock truck comes into close proximity with a ROVER-mounted loader vehicle (e.g. excavator, front-end loader or shovel), and registers a loading activity. To avoid any false positive readings, Intelliwave uses proprietary algorithms to identify load activities vs trucks passing by or parked in the area.

By mounting RFID readers on the crushers or wherever the trucks dump their loads, the load tracking system is further extended to monitor cycle times and overall productivity.

All of the load data captured using the RFID system is sent to SiteSense®, Intelliwave’s cloud-hosted software system. SiteSense® offers numerous ways for managers and analysts to view and analyze the load activity data, such as a chronological summary of all of the loads on a given day, a detailed summary of all activity for a certain truck, or a productivity summary for a certain day, week, or month. The data and reporting tools are helpful for identifying vehicles that are not performing as expected, bottlenecks, gaps in productivity, or drivers who are under or over-reporting their work.

The concept of RFID-enabled proximity tracking applies not only the mining industry but anytime there are trackable interactions between landmarks, vehicles or other equipment. Intelliwave is proud to continue developing new methods and innovations for automated tracking on industrial, civil, commercial and residential job sites across the world.

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