In the past decade, there has been extraordinary progress in drone technology. Also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), drones are typically operated remotely by a ground pilot with line of sight visibility to the drone. Drones can cover a large territory in a short period of time and at minimal cost, making drone technology an excellent choice for construction site progress monitoring, tracking of RFID tagged materials and other potential applications.

When purchasing or leasing drone systems, there are many processes, safety measures and legal liabilities restrictions that must be understood for successful integration of drone technology into a construction project, including, but not limited to:

  • Laws and regulations for flying drones on construction sites and local jurisdictions
  • Necessary safety and maintenance training for employees
  • Safety planning for potential emergency situations
  • Certified drone pilot

Drone Technology Enhancements

The latest enhancements in the drone technology space have been vital to promoting further adoption of Drones on Construction Sites.

Here are a few advancements that are important for construction site applications:

  • Battery capacity and motor efficiency have substantially improved payload capacity and increased flight times
  • Improved safety measures with cutting-edge onboard software that allows some drone systems to auto-land in the event of system failure, low battery or loss of signal from the pilot
  • Auto-pilot functionality that follows a pre-determined flight path optimizing battery life and site coverage

SiteSense® Drone Construction Application – RFID Tracking for Materials

SiteSense® ROVER technology is used to automatically update Active RFID tagged material and asset locations on construction sites. The ROVER unit is mounted on vehicles and equipment, such as forklifts, water trucks, and continually updates resource locations while driving around the project site or laydown yards during its daily duties. The RFID readings are automatically sent to the SiteSense® cloud servers and provide construction teams with real-time location information through the SiteSense® Website and Mobile Apps.  The real-time updates from ROVER offer construction teams an unprecedented level of visibility into the material status on construction sites.

By miniaturizing and adapting the ROVER unit to be carried as a drone payload (instead of a construction vehicle), we can cover a larger area of inventory in a systematic manner. We can also accomplish the specified routes in a much shorter amount of time, allowing for improved traceability and additional real-time position updates. The drone is also able to update material locations in areas that a vehicle-mounted ROVER may not have access to or enter regularly further enhancing the SiteSense® systems capabilities.

Drones are starting to become common tools being utilized on constructions project sites and are the cause of many business processes becoming more efficient. As the technology continues to improve, we will see more drones showing up on construction sites across the globe. They will even be performing tasks in high-risk work conditions that would normally be completed by construction workers, thus removing the worker from the line of fire. This will ultimately lead to a much safer job site in the long term.

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