When coupled with the Cloud-based SiteSense® materials management software suite, ROVER (Remote Operating Visibility Enabled Reader) offers complete automated location tracking and visibility of an entire project site’s RFID-tagged material inventory, equipment, and personnel without user interaction or supervision. The concept is simple: by mounting the ROVER RFID reader device on one or more construction vehicles onsite, complete RFID coverage can be achieved over very large areas from the vehicle driving around during its regular day-to-day activities. When construction equipment and vehicles, such as forklifts or buggies, drive around site areas, the construction project is able to utilize RFID track and trace technologies at a drastically reduced cost since a fixed RFID reader infrastructure is not necessary.

rover-2So how does it work? The SiteSense® ROVER is equipped with two long-range (up to 1,000 feet) RFID reader antennas, LTE cellular data connectivity, and an external GPS antenna. Using this real-time GPS data, along with the RFID signal readings from all of the nearby RFID tags, the SiteSense® ROVER software calculates the locations of these tags based on both current and past readings. These location calculations are then transmitted to the SiteSense® database in near real-time. Recent advancements in Intelliwave’s RFID Tag locating software have made the technology remarkably accurate, and it becomes even more accurate the closer the vehicles get to the RFID tags, hence why vehicles such as warehouse and laydown yard forklifts are commonly recommended for ROVER installations. They typically get into all the areas of a laydown yard or jobsite, many times per day, enabling extremely accurate RFID tag readings and locations.

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